Taste of India

Women from the Maa Sarala Self Help Group, supported by All We Can's partner READ. © All We Can/Catherine Rennie

Our A Taste of India resource supplies you with the ideas, stories and recipes you need to put on a family-friendly and inspiring fundraising event.

Explore India

Invite your church, friends or group to experience a real taste of India through an evening of food, games, music and more. The pack contains a range of ideas and activities to help you engage all ages and host a successful and memorable event.

Make a difference

Be inspired by stories from All We Can’s work in India and raise funds to help people living in some of India’s poorest communities to overcome the challenges of poverty and marginalisation.

Download the pack

A Taste of India pack (PDF 8.2MB)

A Taste of India Presentation (PPT 2.21MB)

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Promote your event

A Taste of India A5 flier (PDF 1MB)

A Taste of India A4 Poster (PDF 3MB)

Tell us about your event

Was your event a success? We’d love to hear about it! Please take a few moments to fill in our brief Questionnaire and send your stories and pictures to info@allwecan.org.uk